Let's Get Mobile! Adding Mobile Learning to Your Pedagogy

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Brief Abstract

BYOD! Bring your own device because your students are. Are your teaching methods making the most of the rise of mobile learning? This workshop enables participants to add mobile learning theory to their pedagogy to better engage their students despite the method of access to the course.

Extended Abstract

As More students are using their mobile devices as an educational tool to benefit their learning, our pedagogy needs to incorporate mobile learning practice so that we can bring effective teaching practices into the 21st century. Both fully online and blended learning students report using their mobile devices with regularity to engage in their courses, complete coursework, and communicate with instructors and peers. If our teaching stance fails to consider the experiences of students using mobile devices, we risk diminishing their educational experience and may fail to fully engage them in their learning environment. 

This workshop is designed for faculty, instructional designers, and those interested in effective online and blended learning teaching practice. The workshop format will walk you through conceptualizing mobile pedagogy, brainstorming application possibilities, and planning mobile-friendly teaching methods. Workshop participants will collaborate to share relevant experiences, innovative approaches, and create practical plans for effective mobile teaching strategies. 

BYOD! Bring your own device to investigate new mobile approaches and test the mobile teaching strategies that will be created during the workshop. Participants can expect to leave the workshop with practical applications of theory and a “playbook” for adding mobile learning to their teaching practice.

Workshop format:

  • Introduction and overview of the workshop (3-5 min. Instruction time)
  • Understanding mobile learning theory (5 - 7min.instruction time)
  • Adding “mobile” to your pedagogy, Step 1: getting started (5-10 min. Workshop time)
    • Guided questions; collaboration and discussion in table groups    
  • Collaborative brainstorming session: apps, programs, and strategies for mobile learning (share in offline and online ways)  (5-7 min. activity)
  • Adding “mobile” to your pedagogy, Step 2: tools, tips, and tricks (15-20 min. workshop time) 
    • Identifying applications of mobile teaching and considering available methods to use; collaboration for discussion, idea generation, and experience with lesson design or mobile-friendly educational technology 
  • Share session: online and offline ways to show outcomes from step 2 (ongoing between step 2 and 3)
  •  Adding “mobile” to your pedagogy, Step 3: put it together and test it (20-25 min. workshop time)
  • Wrap-up and Q &A (10-15 min.)