Enhance Student Learning using Embedded Student Success Tools

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Brief Abstract

Study guides and post-exam reflections make it easy to integrate academic success tools into courses. Using the Depth of Knowledge framework, participants will discover how to revise study guides and create exam wrappers that help students better prepare for assessments.


Dani is currently an Instructional Designer at the Center for eLearning Initiatives at Penn State Behrend. She has experienced online learning from various perspectives - as a student, as a teacher, and as a support professional. Having worked in all levels of education, Dani is passionate about student success from cradle to career. Dani is currently completing her doctorate in Administration and Leadership in Higher Education, with a focus on rural student success in higher education.

Extended Abstract

Student success can be an abstract topic but through the use of intentional learning tools, instructors can enhance student learning.  Two important tools that can be used in the virtual and face to face classroom are study guides and exam wrappers.

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Summarize the benefits of embedding student success tools into their courses

  • Apply the Depth of Knowledge framework to assessments and course topics

  • Recreate study guides using Depth of Knowledge as a framework

The presenter will share the research that supports the use of embedded learning tools in classes. Then, the presenter will discuss how Webb’s Depth of Knowledge relates to Bloom’s Taxonomy, a more commonly used framework. The presenter will share an exampleStudy Guide that uses Depths of Knowledge as its framework as well as a sample Exam Wrapper.

The presenter will begin with a short survey of the participants using PollEverywhere as a getting to know the audience interaction. Then, the presenter will use formative assessment techniques using the virtual meeting room’s chat feature and Padlet to ask participants to share their comprehension of session content. The session will end with a “plan for action” that encourages participants to think about how to implement presentation content.