Bringing Presence to the Online Classroom

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Brief Abstract

In this session we will explore ideas and practices designed to promote the transfer of face-to-face teaching skills and presence to the online classroom.

Specific topics we will cover include:

  • The difference between presence and engagement
  • Ways to establish presence when we can't be physically present
  • Why teacher presence matters, and how to start classes off on a high note
  • Specific practices and activity types that can increase presence and engagement

Extended Abstract

In this session the audience will be able to learn from Amy  Tessitore, Open LMS who has worked in the academic and edtech worlds for over a decade, including working in K12, Higher Education and Professional Development.

During her six years in Higher Ed, she focused on leveraging the schools learning management system to create innovative face-to-face, hybrid, and online courses. Her success in doing so was instrumental in the schools increased retention rate and successful transition to a fully online model in response to COVID-19.

She will walk you through how to create a winning strategy that will improve your learner's engagement. It’s often said that students achieve more and perform at a higher level when they demonstrate behaviors of engagement.

Having a presence in a physical classroom is not quite the same as an online classroom. We've seen many institutions struggled last year with the transition to the virtual learning environment. And in this session, we will be able to explore more on what you can do better to achieve the learner's expectations as well as a proven-effective strategy of online learning journey.