The impact of Industry 4.0 Technologies on 2-year Technical Education

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Brief Abstract

Join us to learn how Northeast Wisconsin Technical College is embracing Industry 4.0 across a wide array of curriculum to improve the connection between in-person, hands-on training and the flexibility of our online course offerings. We will also discuss how we see elements within the i4.0 framework improving our own operational productivity.


For over 20 years, Mike has led Instructional Technology Strategies for the largest Technology companies. Helping guide direction of products, services and solutions for K12 and Higher Education in the Americas. Providing subject matter expertise, strategic guidance, programs & messaging to school districts, higher education institutions and policy makers. I also support speaking opportunities at education & policy summits and events

Extended Abstract

Join us for a conversation between Mike Belcher, Director of EdTech Innovation at HP, and Dan Mincheff, Chief Information Officer at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC), as we explore key learnings from NWTC’s journey to integrate i4.0 across myriad facets of the institution.

We will discuss the impact of innovative cross-curricular data sharing on student outcomes across different data analytics programs at NWTC. You will also hear about the development of NWTC’s additive manufacturing program and how it has benefited the local businesses and employers.

Dan will reflect on the key lessons of COVID, including the need to deliver exceptional hands-on experiences for NWTC’s students while identifying new ways to offer students near-real experiences through the effective use of XR technology and online courses. To tie it all together, Dan and Mike, will discuss how to cultivate buy-in from key stakeholders and plan for change management as an institution accelerates towards digital transformation.