Stop Wasting Time Repeating and Reteaching with Interactive Videos and Strategic Information Sharing for Students

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Brief Abstract

Aren’t you tired of repeating strategies and instruction to students in specialized classes?  The repetitiveness of teaching specialized concepts to students consumes the time of faculty.  Maximizing the use of time in an instructional and a coaching capacity is the most practical strategy to ensure the same information and techniques are shared with multiple students who may ask questions individually in an online forum.  In this session, learn how to recapture your time by developing interactive videos using Adobe Captivate in real-time.  Learn how to strategically share innovative content with students to reduce repetitive instruction, mentoring, and coaching time.

Extended Abstract

Faculty who teach specialized graduate and undergraduate courses spend repetitive time resharing information and techniques individually with students who supposed to be independent learners, especially in online classes.  Managing repetitive instructional and coaching time for specialized classes is a must by using technology to create interactive and independent learning. In this session, the featured technology will be Adobe Captivate to demonstrate interactive learning to reduce repetitive guidance and coaching.  See how a doctoral faculty reduced repetitive coaching and instructional time with doctoral students by creating interactive videos and supplemental materials to provide structured outside content learning.  Participants will leave the session inspired to create interactive content to manage time and encourage independent learning. Participants will be able to understand how to share information using video technology that provides continuous and engaging learning to reduce repetitive information sharing.