Leveraging Interactive Video in PlayPosit for Active Learning and Assessment

Concurrent Session 2

Session Materials

Brief Abstract

Are students getting the most out of your video lectures? Do you ever wish you could ask students questions and get answers like in a live lecture? This presentation will illustrate the use of PlayPosit to engage students, structure their learning experience and increase real-time interactivity with video lectures.

Extended Abstract

When using video content in an asynchronous or flipped teaching modality, the space between you and your students can result in feeling disconnected. Even the most well-designed lecture videos can fail to capture student attention and leave the instructor wondering if the students truly learned anything from their presentation. PlayPosit is an interactive video overlay tool with many options for student engagement, including multiple-choice, true/false, short answer questions, pauses for resources or additional information, a table of contents, embedded websites, and polls. In this session, a group of instructional designers will describe several use cases for PlayPosit and how it can enhance both active learning and assessment in the online classroom environment. Throughout the presentation, presenters will use Broadcast, a PlayPosit tool used in live sessions, to survey and elicit audience participation. 

The presentation will begin with a brief overview of PlayPosit and its capabilities. In the first case, the presenters will discuss how interactions were used in a course about amusement parks to increase student engagement. In this course, these quick assessment checks used the most basic interaction types but still met the goal of providing students with knowledge checkpoints in each lecture. 

In the next use case, the presenters will show more complex interactions within PlayPosit used in a plant resource protection course, including a table of contents and embedding resources. This course used a table of contents feature to chunk the content of the lecture videos into manageable 10-15 minute increments. The table of contents also allowed students to see a roadmap or outline of the lecture video and navigate to various sections. The tool for embedding resources complimented this course well, as the lectures introduced students to many plant resource policies and procedures. The resource embedding feature enhanced the delivery of these policies and procedures as students could immediately access the materials mentioned in the lecture videos. 

In the third use case, the presenters will describe how PlayPosit interactions can serve as formative and summative assessment tools within the same lecture. In this use case, the presenters will show how the interactions were formatted to assess student knowledge at the beginning and end of each lecture in a plant pest management course. In this way, the course instructor was able to monitor the efficacy of their lectures on student knowledge, and students could actively track their learning progress. 

The presentation will conclude with a reflection on the presenters’ collective experience using PlayPosit in the presented use cases. Presenters will also share what they learned from day-to-day use cases in other courses. At the end of the session, time will be set aside for verbal questions and questions using PlayPosit’s interactive Broadcast tool.