Instructional Design Summit - Part 3: Designing Learning Experiences at Scale Using Design Patterns

Concurrent Session 10

Brief Abstract

There is a growing number of departments and faculty interested in working with IDs to develop new, high-quality, active, and engaging courses to promote greater student success. Such projects require multiple course redesign efforts with a quick turnaround time and often struggle with ID staffing. Unfortunately, the reality is – there will never be enough instructional designer capacity at Centers for Teaching and Learning to meet the number of faculty who require design assistance or support. 

What strategies can instructional designers use to optimize design work among faculty? How can faculty develop design knowledge and capability to take on greater responsibility to make design decisions on the front-end? Can design knowledge co-evolve between IDs and faculty? 

This session explores the powerful role of design patterns towards enabling IDs and faculty to co-design active learning experiences. Design patterns provide a how-to guide to structure lessons that can be replicated at scale as codified, reusable, and shareable design artifacts. This session will provide guided opportunities for participants to practice applying design patterns to meet a design challenge and model active learning experiences.



Kiran Budhrani is the Director for Personalized and Adaptive Learning at the Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Extended Abstract