The 21st Century Library as Classroom Learning Partner

Brief Abstract

Libraries and Librarians on the User-Centered Bleeding Edge.  As institutions with a history stretching further back than university or public school systems, many see libraries as static entities. The Library of Alexandria collected, held, and made available the knowledge of the day, and so too do libraries now. However, libraries are increasingly involved in all manner of trends. Since libraries are generally not required to follow rigid curricula, in most academic institutions they have the freedom to explore new tools and technology as they become available. In this session, we will explore the work librarians and libraries are doing and how it can relate to larger educational goals. Libraries are leading the charge for Open Access, Makerspaces, Institutional Repositories, Alt-Metrics, and more, while still continuing the emphasis on user-centered service both in person and via remote access, which means everyone can learn something from the library.


Teresa Slobuski is the liaison librarian for Teacher Education and Special Education at San Josè State University. She also serves as the Research Services Coordinator. In this role, she oversees the Research Department and liaisons with other library departments to provide excellent public service to SJSU students, staff, and faculty.

Extended Abstract