Is Your LMS Ready for Faculty to Switch to Hybrid and/or Blended Teaching?

Concurrent Session 1

Brief Abstract

How to build a LMS that is ready for your faculty and students to use for blended and online courses

Extended Abstract

After this session, participants should be able:
1) To develop a successful implementation plan to make LMS an easy place for faculty;
2) To develop effective quality monitoring and assessment system for hybrid and blended programs.

Nowadays, all the states in the US are considering the initiatives of online education, and assessing success of schools who offer blended and online courses. Distance education is also gaining acceptance and build up credibility from employers. Today's economy makes more and more people would like to consider distance education instead of on-campus programs.

To change current teaching model could be fearful to faculty. It is important to make the new teaching environment, LMS, an easy place for them to work on.

We will address faculty's concerns regarding of changing to new technology, as well as how to make LMS an easy place for faculty and students. Specifically strategic planning of implementing hybrid and online programs, engaging faculty in technology, strategic teaching and blended trainings for faculty development, effective quality monitoring of hybrid and online courses, and assessment of distance education programs.

This conference session will discuss and help administrators and faculty developers look at these issues from different standpoints, face and find strategies and solutions to solve challenges for faculty, and help with a comfortable model change for faculty.

We will apply insights from teaching and learning to address key challenges for faculty.

We will engage audience through participation in the following discussions:

ï What motivate faculty to make changes?
ï What are implementation stages of model change?
ï What make faculty feel comfortable with the model change?
ï What are the approaches for faculty development?
ï How to make it easy for faculty to maintain it?
ï What are the approaches for quality monitoring?
ï What are the rubrics for quality monitoring?
ï What are effective ways and strategies to engage faculty in improving course sites?

Come to our session about the challenges you face in your hybrid and blended programs implementation, as well as learn from others.