The Construction and Validation of an Instructor Learning Analytics Implementation Model to Support At-Risk Students

Concurrent Session 4

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Brief Abstract

This research study will explore how instructors can effectively implement learning analytics to support academically at-risk students with the purpose of improving learning outcomes.


Holly McKee holds a B.B.A in Management Information Systems from the University of Oklahoma and a M.S. in Health Informatics and Information Management from the College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, MN. Holly is an instructor of Computer Science and Entrepreneurship for the Everett Dobson School of Business and Technology at Southwestern Oklahoma State University. She is currently working toward her Ph.D. in Information Systems with a concentration in Learning Technology from Nova Southeastern University. Holly's previous work experience includes software development for the Department of Defense.

Extended Abstract

With the widespread use of learning analytics tools, there is a need to explore how these technologies can be used to enhance teaching and learning. Little research has been done on what human processes are necessary to facilitate meaningful adoption of learning analytics. The research problem is that there is a lack of evidence-based guidance on how instructors can effectively implement learning analytics in their classroom to support academically at-risk students.

The goal of this study is to develop and validate a model to guide instructors in the implementation of learning analytics tools to support academically at-risk students with the purpose of improving learning outcomes. Using design and development research methods, an implementation model will be constructed and validated. The model should enhance the use of learning analytics by instructors by enabling them to better take advantage of available technologies to support teaching and learning in online and blended learning environments.

This emerging ideas session will introduce this work in progress research study. The goal of this presentation is to elicit feedback from peers to include in the stakeholder needs analysis which is an initial step in this study. This will be an excellent opportunity to collaborate in the development of a model to support faculty in implementing learning analytics in the online classroom.