Sense of Belonging in Cyberspace: Examining the Impact of Hybrid Courses on Student Persistence

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Brief Abstract

This session focuses on a quantitative study of the effects of hybrid courses on student sense of belonging and satisfaction at a commuter campus.

Extended Abstract

Extended Abstract

This session will focus on a discussion of the effects of hybrid/blended courses and their overall impact on student persistence at an institution. Data collected from a quantitative research study at a commuter campus in the Pennsylvania State University system will be discussed along with specific intervention strategies to improve the quality of hybrid course delivery to increase student's attitudes about blended course delivery. Attendees will have an opportunity to discuss the challenges and opportunities at their own institutions and participate in an open discussion on the connections between blended learning and student persistence across higher education.


* Understand how research was designed and conducted to better understand the relationship between hybrid course offerings and student persistence at a commuter campus.
* Understand the findings of this study and how they may impact current strategies surrounding blended learning.
* Have an opportunity to discuss strategies and interventions that may have a positive impact on student satisfaction and persistence.