The One-Stop Shop: Effective Delivery of Course Content

Concurrent Session 5

Session Materials

Brief Abstract

So many resources, so little time for viewing. Are your students overwhelmed with the amount of material offered? Perhaps you should consider repackaging your course!


Alison Hedrick is a Senior Lecturer of Information Systems in the Department of First-Year and Transition Studies at Kennesaw State University. She holds a M.S. in Information Systems, has six years of experience as an IT professional, and currently teaches a digital literacy course. Her research interests encompass digital literacy and distance learning, specifically leveraging technology to better engage and retain online students.

Extended Abstract

The interaction between technology and education is of primary importance for both online and hybrid course delivery formats. With the vast array of digital tools available today (and increasing daily), it is oftentimes challenging to determine which tool will best fit your needs. The presenters were faced with this predicament when, in an effort to keep students engaged and connected with a surfeit of supplemental resources, they sought to bundle these resources into a single web-based repository.

In this session, the presenters will demonstrate how they utilized cloud-based digital tools to solve this problem; creating robust, intuitive, and engaging lessons. These "one-stop" lessons encompass the myriad of supplemental materials and resources needed to complete the learning objectives for the course modules. Is this new one-stop approach effective? Hear feedback from students enrolled in the digital literacy course about how these new lessons affected their learning experience.