Crafting Stunning Presentations

Workshop Session 2

Brief Abstract

Learn to take your presentations from stale to stunning by creating persuasive, memorable graphics that will captivate your audience.

Extended Abstract

?DESCRIPTION AND GOALS: We have all suffered through bad PowerPoint presentations, from long screens full of text read out loud by the presenter to tiny diagrams that canít be seen at all. Many recommendations, such as limiting the number of bullet points, using large fonts, and maintaining good contrast, donít address the fundamental issue: slides full of text are boring! And, they are not necessary. You donít have to be a graphic artist to make attractive slides that catch your audienceís attention and reinforce the message you intend to convey.

The workshop will begin by reviewing at a high level the basic concepts of good visual composition. Then, the presenters will walk the participants through a series of exercises using web-based presentation tools and resources to apply the concepts they have learned.

1. The participant will understand the basic rules of graphic composition and be able to apply them to constructing presentation slides.
2. The participant will know how to find digital images licensed for re-use and to incorporate them into her presentations.
3. The participant will understand how visual images can support - or detract - from the message she intends to convey.
4. The participant will be inspired to challenge herself to produce visually compelling presentations.
5. The participant will acquire a (virtual) collection of digital, visually-centric presentation tools.