How to Create Open Education Resources (OER) with MERLOT Content Builder

Workshop Session 1

Brief Abstract

Learn to create OER with the MERLOT Content Builder web development tool. It allows you create web pages/web sites for use in online teaching.

Extended Abstract

Are you someone that has great ideas to teach in your course but don't have the tools or the resources to create OER? That's where the MERLOT Content Builder comes in. The MERLOT Content Builder is a web page and website development tool that is integrated into MERLOT. Web pages are easily created using Content Builder's templates. These include a variety of designs including e-portfolio structures, lesson plans, pedagogical analysis, student reflection, online course, tutorial, presentation, community website, etc.

In this workshop, attendees will learn to create a webpage or website with the MERLOT Content Builder. These pages and sites can contain a navigation bar, text, imported documents, and uploaded photos and videos. Sets of web pages can easily be collected to create complete websites that contain automatically-generated navigation bars.

Besides being able to create web pages and web sites in Content Builder, a user can:
ï Download IMS certified Common Cartridges of their Content Builder web pages and sites for use in applications that support the IMS certified Common Cartridge format.
ï Add a Creative Commons license to their pages and site.
ï Make their web pages/sites public, and/or contribute them directly to the MERLOT repository

This workshop will provide an overview of the Content Builder and get you started creating your own web pages and sites in just a short time. This interactive workshop will provide all to work together to create open education resources. All in the workshop will take away the skills and knowledge to create OERs and any other web pages/sites needed for their online teaching. Each participant must have their own device to participate in the workshop.