Reimagining Faculty Development: Organic Innovation for Change

Concurrent Session 6
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Brief Abstract

CSU Channel Islands is exploring how the Lean Startup model (Ries, 2011) can foster teaching and learning innovations within a public university.

Extended Abstract

This presentation will explore how CSU Channel Islands' Teaching and Learning Innovations (T&LI) team is embracing creativity and rapid experimentation, principles of The Lean Startup approach (Ries, 2011), to organically develop a faculty development model anchored in sharing, risk-taking, and continuous improvement. The T&L Innovations program, jointly supported by IT and Academic Affairs, evolved from an effort to create a culture of online/blended teaching grounded in humanized, connected learning. This vision guides an ongoing process of idea generation, experimentation, measurement, and learning. T&L Innovations is seeking to learn what faculty development means today and how to deliver it in a sustainable fashion that meets the needs of a diverse faculty.

In this presentation, you will:
1. Be introduced to the framework underpinning Ries' Lean Startup model.

2. Examine a model that supports faculty on-campus and at a distance by providing continuous opportunities to connect and share teaching ideas.

3. Listen to the experiences of faculty who have taken risks in their teaching, including teaching in the open web with WordPress.

4. Take a virtual tour of the Faculty Innovations Teaching (FIT) Studio, a physical space that functions as a central node in supporting and connecting faculty in person and at a distance.

5. Consider the value of a remote team member in the design, development, and delivery of an online teaching preparation program.

6. Examine an ongoing online & blended courses peer-review process and explore the challenges associated with the implementation.

7. Evaluate how this approach would work on your campus and contribute your thoughts to a collaborative back-channel.