Digital Collaboration in a Cloud Based World

Concurrent Session 9

Brief Abstract

Ideas for building Community, Collaboration and Real World Competency using Google Cloud Based Features


Kinesiology Instructor 36 yrs experience University of Louisiana at Lafayette Teaching Areas: Technology for Kinesiology, physical education instructor & supervising teacher, Organization & Administration for Kinesiology, Coaching & Sport Management

Extended Abstract

This session will present avenues for the building of a community within a previously dehumanized online course. It will also demonstrate the cultivating of practical skills for the professional world. Tasks from the senior project within an organization and administration course will be detailed. This 15 week project entails the use of "Google+", "Google Drive", "Google Hangouts", "Google Hangouts on Air", and forum platforms by students to perform managerial tasks. This session illustrates how innovative programs such as "Google Hangouts on Air" allow group meetings to be conducted online and recorded. Students create professional videos as well as mock interviews. The convenience of "Google Drive" is fully exploited through the creation of meeting minutes, schedules, and contracts. There will be a demonstration of "Google Hangouts" in the role of communication exchange such as text messages, screencasts, screenshares and screen captures. It also shows the potential of platforms such as "Moodle Workshops" in teaching supevisory skills and legal principles. Privacy issues and precautions will also be addressed.