Inside The User-Driven Design Process- Ongoing Lessons and Insights Gained from Developing a Higher Ed Product

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Brief Abstract

When developing a product, it is critical to acutely understand the user and the pain points they experience during their journey. EdSurge has been conducting extensive user interviews and testings to understand the higher ed audience, their needs and motivations. Join us to learn more about our user-centered research, lessons learned and insights gained.

Extended Abstract


The EdSurge Higher Ed team is researching the process in which higher ed institutional leaders make decisions about technology for the purpose of improving teaching and learning. With the glut of ed tech products in the market, how do institutions go about discovering, evaluating, selecting and then implementing those technology solutions to fulfill their campus needs? Who is at the table making those decisions? How do the decisions get made? How do institutions connect with companies that provide the technology solutions? What relationship do institutions have with ed tech companies?

These are some of the probing questions driving EdSurge’s user research process. We used a  5 step process for conducting user research: outlined the objectives, stated the hypotheses, then designed the methods of research, conducted the research, and synthesized the data generated from the research to inform the next steps.  

The methods included deep dive interviews with users, user testing of early mockups and a broader survey to the higher ed community.

In this session we will share the work we’ve done to date and also what lies ahead based on our findings. Come join us!