A Suite of Quality Scorecards: What are They? How Can I Use Them?

Concurrent Session 8
OLC Session

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Brief Abstract

Since 2011 with the launch of the Online Learning Consortium Quality Scorecard, hundreds of faculty members and administrators just like you have learned about the Quality Scorecard and implemented it on their campuses. Now the Online Learning Consortium is building out a 'suite' of scorecards. This session will provide an overview of the direction for these research-based tools. So, if you have implemented the Quality Scorecard or attended a past Quality Scorecard session, you will not want to miss this one We have new and exciting advances to share!

Extended Abstract

The OLC Quality Scorecard is a 75 indicator roadmap to help you drive quality conversations on your campus around program quality. Designed for online programs, the Scorecard has been used by institutions as part of their institutional self-study for accreditation visits. Additionally, by deploying the scorecard institutions can engage in continuous improvement initiatives by identifying those critical areas where an action plan is needed to ensure organizational/institutional change with a focus on quality. If you are new to the Scorecard, thinking about implementing it or have actually implemented it on your campusÖthis is a great session for you! You'll also learn about what's new and what's on the horizon.