Reachin' Out to Meet the Changes

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Embracing the structures of education means understanding the complexities of all members of the community. There are no shortcuts.

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Rolin Moe is an assistant professor and the Director of the Institute for Academic Innovation at Seattle Pacific University. For over a decade he has worked as an education administrator across multiple institutions: K-12, higher education, and informal/non-formal spaces. Rolin is a prolific author in both popular and scholarly press; his work has appeared across the publishing landscape including at Real Life magazine, the Journal of Learning, Media & Technology, Current Issues in Emerging eLearning and Hybrid Pedagogy. Rolin holds a doctorate in learning technologies from Pepperdine University. His teaching background mixes his unique background as a social scientist with experience in the creative arts, drawing from work as a literary agent for a boutique agency in Los Angeles. A pioneer in online teaching and learning, since 2003 Rolin has taught distance courses on topics ranging from social science research to writing for film and television.