Solving Two Common eLearning Problems: Student Retention & Proctoring Process Management

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Brief Abstract

Learn about solutions for boosting student retention by measuring non-cognitive indicators and managing the proctoring process for multiple proctoring modalities.

Extended Abstract

Boosting student retention and providing a robust testing environment are two challenges facing eLearning leaders. Students often drop out due to non-cognitive factors such as procrastination, time management, and technology skills. The SmarterMeasure Learning Readiness Indicator is the leading assessment of non-cognitive skills. Reports map the student’s scores to resources for support. Testing integrity and learner authentication are also challenges. SmarterProctoring is a Proctoring Process Management System which allows schools to provide multiple proctoring modalities such as testing centers, human proctors, and virtual proctors. Through LMS embedded dashboards faculty, students, and proctors can track the proctoring process for multiple modalities.