Online Proctoring with DIY Exam Flexibility Using LTI

Concurrent Session 3

Brief Abstract

What if online proctoring solutions could do more than just proctor tests? What if they could revolutionize how instructors registered online exams – and save them time?


Ryan is a Senior Business Development Manager at Software Secure, Inc. managing partnerships with schools like Johns Hopkins, University of South Carolina, and Purdue University. He joined the company in 2013 after several years as a consultant and account manager at Communispace Corporation. Ryan speaks with countless educators, instructional designers, and administrators on a regular basis guiding them through their current proctoring and security challenges. With a focus on customer experience, he works closely with senior leadership and account management to ensure quality and excellence throughout the customer lifecycle.

Extended Abstract

Join Software Secure to learn about RPNow, the online proctoring solution chosen by some of the leading colleges and universities like edX, Clemson University and George Washington University. RPNow is actually more than a proctoring system. It’s an efficient and time-saving exam management solution developed using the newest technology standards like LTI that gives technologists and educators the ultimate flexibility in online exam administration – all while protecting integrity. You’ll learn how our RPNow solution with LTI makes creating and registering online exams far more efficient, how you can customize exam profiles (even on the fly), how RPNow LTI integration with your LMS can reduce the time educators spend setting up exams, and see how RPNow’s new interface is making life easier for admins and faculty. Join us!