Bringing Learning Design to Next-Gen Courseware

Concurrent Session 7

Brief Abstract

Learn about ways institutions, faculty, and instructional designers are merging the best of learning design with innovative technology to create next-gen online courseware.


Norma Jean is an evangelist and advocate of adaptive learning. She's passionate about using technology to improve teaching and learning, contributing her time, skills and efforts to make the world a better place; the creative process.

Extended Abstract

As higher education institutions are investing in digital resources and data analytics to improve student engagement and success, some of the most successful efforts are rooted in best learning design practices. By leveraging the best of online technologies and cutting-edge learning design, faculty are creating rich online courseware and learning experiences, which are having a positive impact on student engagement. St. Petersburg College is one of the institutions pioneering the combination of learning design and technology to drive student engagement.

St. Petersburg faculty and instructional designers are developing online resources based on the latest in learning science, and built on technology that give faculty pedagogical ownership over content and the ability to capture date to evaluate and improve student engagement.

To expand their institutional impact, St. Petersburg has partnered with adaptive learning pioneer Smart Sparrow to create learning design resources that make it easy for faculty and instructional designers at any university to create their own digital resources, based on the best principles of learning design and faculty-centric technology. Their new learning design toolkit is designed to help bring educators’ vision into a reality, and enable them to receive real-time data to improve their teaching and learning process over time.

During this session, hear from Norma Jean on how to apply learning design principles, harnessing powerful adaptive technology, to create engaging and personalized courses that make an impact.