Add YouTube Videos to Your Presentation

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Brief Abstract

In this presentation we discover how to add YouTube videos to a PowerPoint presentation. We use the action buttons and link to the URL provided by YouTube. This works for all versions of PowerPoint.

Extended Abstract

In this presentation we use Camtasia for Mac to capture the steps needed to add a YouTube video to PowerPoint. This works for both PC and Mac. Be aware that this ONLY works when the computer used for the presentation is connected to the Internet.

When adding a YouTube video or any other video from a streaming video site (Vimeo, TeacherTube) we are linking to the video. In order to embed the video the user must use third party software to "rip" the videos. This is not advised as in many cases these "ripping" solutions are plagued with malware and deprive content creators of ad revenues.

There are different ways to add videos to presentations. This method is, in this author's opinion, the more visually appealing. To start with the user must have an image that will be used as the button to launch the videos.

The first way to add the button is to go to insert-shapes-action buttons-movie. The user can then drag and scale the image to taste. To code is built into the action button, however the user must still use the URL option and past the URL that YouTube supplies.

The second method, and preferred, is to add an image to the presentation. The image must then be turned into an action button. Depending on which version of PowerPoint this can be as simple as right clicking and selecting action button or going up to the ribbons and selecting action.