Data, Design, and Dashboards: Using Analytics to Improve Learning Outcomes in CBE Programs

Concurrent Session 5

Brief Abstract

This presentation will focus on the importance of capturing useful data in CBE programs and using that data to personalize the educational experience for students.


Jenny Yu is an instructional designer at Flat World Education, focusing on competency-based education. Jenny works with subject matter experts to design and develop competencies, translate existing courses into a competency framework, and align an institution's learning model to product that will support it. Prior to entering the world of instructional design, Jenny was an instructor at the K-12 and higher education levels, and worked on K-12 curriculum design and development.

Extended Abstract

CBE programs are taking off around the country and the world, but the forms these programs take – as well as their effectiveness – can vary greatly. When developing a new program, it’s important to step back and consider the elements that characterize strong, impactful programs that meaningfully improve learning outcomes for students. In particular, it is critical to design and build rigorous data capture capabilities into CBE programs, so that that data can be used to 1) provide personalized support to students, and 2) inform and improve the design of learning experiences in the future. Jenny Yu, an instructional designer at Flat World Education, who has extensive experience designing curricula for competency-based education programs, will speak to the design process that goes into CBE and how data capture can help to track and improve the desired outcomes identified in the CBE design process. The presentation will use Flat World’s data visualization to examine how this data can be useful to faculty and coaches and the actionable steps they can take using this information to improve student outcomes.