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Concurrent Session 2

Brief Abstract

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Cheaters Gonna Cheat? Using multiple proctoring modalities as a deterrent against academic dishonesty.

Fostering a climate of academic integrity is a worthy goal for all of our programs. But sometimes it seems that a person who is intent on cheating will do so despite our efforts. It may be the case that when a student takes an exam for one course that they detect weaknesses in the proctoring modality and exploit that on future exams. With that in mind, is there merit in providing multiple proctoring modalities depending on the nature of the exam with some being more high stakes than others?

In the 2016 Annual Proctoring Practices Survey we collected perceptions of students and faculty about which proctoring modalities are the strongest deterrents to cheating.  You are invited to participate in this Focus Group during which we will share the results of the proctoring survey and engage participants in reflection on managing multiple proctoring modalities and practices that are deterrents to cheating on exams.

A $100 Amazon Gift card will be awarded to a randomly selected participant.  You may also review the survey results prior to the session by following this link to prompt your reflection prior to the session

Session presented by Dr. Mac Adkins, CEO & Founder - SmarterServices

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