Welcome, Introduction, Goals for TAACCCT Community Building and Overview of SkillsCommons Services to support TAACCCT grantee's successes & Forum for Framing Our Strategies

Workshop Session 1

Brief Abstract



Welcome, instructions, goals for TAACCCT community building, and overview of SkillsCommons services to support TAACCCT grantees' successes

This session will include a welcome, introductions, and review of goals for TAACCCT community building, as well as overview of SkillsCommons services to support TAACCCT grantee success.

  • SkillsCommons SUPPORT Center to meet SGA requirements and to implement the Makeover Strategy 
  • New SkillsCommons CONNECT Center to support TAACCCT success though building communities and community projects that will help sustain the success of TAACCCT projects and the broader TAACCCT mission
    • Why SkillsCommons?  It can provide support system for sustainability, annual conference, your owndership, longevity, working library, and more...
  • Highlight INNOVATE Activities
  • Q/A 


Giving Voice to TAACCCT Grantee Needs:  Forum for Framing Our Strategies

  • Identifying local and "global" strategies that can help institutions and programs
  • Shaping priorities and interests of participants