Getting Started with Forming Communities: Facilitated whole group discussions with planning templates

Workshop Session 2

Brief Abstract

Facilitated small group discussions with planning templates

  • Guided thinking regarding value, opportunities and needs for forming communities
  • 5 principles of effective collective impact (common agenda, mutually reinforcing activities, shared measurement systems, effective communication, & administrative support)
  • Exploring potential community themes:  How should we organize ourselves?
    • By Industry Sectors (e.g. Manufacturing, IT, Healthcare, Energy, etc.)
    • By Program Strategies (e.g. Career Pathways, stacked/latticed credentials; student support services)
    • By Pedagogical Strategies (e.g. Evidence-Based Design; Online and technology-enabled learning; competency-based education; prior learning assessment)
    • By Partnership Strategies (e.g. Strategic Alignment with the Workforce System and Other Stakeholder, Employer engagement with sectors)
    • By Other Strategies
  • Action Item:  Identify Community Themes
  • Action Item:  Define mission and principles for communities (larger scale)
  • Action Item:  Defining what SkillsCommons and other partnersneed to bring to the table
  • Conclude with discussion planning the next community meeting at 2:30pm