Walden University Writing Center Interactive Modules: Student Writing Support Any Time, Anywhere

Concurrent Session 9

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Brief Abstract

The Walden University Writing Center (WUWC) is an entirely online writing center serving an online university primarily composed of graduate students. Both Walden students and faculty report writing skills to be a barrier of success. The WUWC provides numerous resources for students to develop their writing skills. Recently the WUWC developed self-paced writing modules as an additional resource for students to improve their writing. These open-access, self-paced modules curate already-created WUWC resources and add interactive activities, quizzes, and a certificate of completion. Data the WUWC has collected indicate that student knowledge increases on average 95% after taking a module, and students report being more confident with the module’s topic. Walden faculty are also enthusiastic about the modules, directing students to the modules and incorporating them into their classrooms. To date over 500 students have accessed the modules. The WUWC’s self-paced modules are available for any student to complete and any faculty can use them with their students, creating an effective way for students to develop their writing skills.