Shifting from Lecture Based Courses

Concurrent Session 3

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Brief Abstract

Discuss how the traditional nursing faculty have moved from traditional lecture based courses to flipped/blended courses over the past year with the support of instructional designers. Some strategies involved were a consistent course design in the LMS, discussion of what would replace the lecture time, integration of ebooks and additional curriculum supplements. 


Nikki Schutte is the Senior Instructional Designer at The College of St. Scholastica. In her role, she collaborates with academic departments and faculty in the creation of engaging online courses which reflect the Benedictine tradition of the college. She is also an adjunct instructor for the Masters of Education program and teaches Universal Design for Learning and the Capstone for Online Teaching.

Extended Abstract

Over the past year, the instructional design team has support the traditional nursing faculty as they made the switch from a lecture based pedagogy to flipped/blended. Based on student feedback, the nursing faculty adopted a consistent course template to use in the Learning Management System in combination with Google Docs. Faculty implemented a new pedagogical approach of having students review all course content before class so that in-class time could be spent doing more simulations, group work, and other application based activities. Faculty also helped address student concerns that they were having to 'self-teach' themselves and what the role of faculty was in supporting student learning. After a year of working through various issues including the adoption of a new curriculum which include ebooks, students are performing higher on formal assessments and faculty report that students are demonstrating higher order thinking skills earlier on in the program than they have in the past. As the instructional designer who partnered with this program, I will share lessons learned and what strategies were involved in helping faculty transition and implement this pedagogical shift.