E-Learning: Boring People since 1992

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Brief Abstract

A gamified education experience.  Attendees will play along and participate in a blended learning experience, integrating games, video, and other interactive content.  Attendees will earn points throughout the experience to boost their score and work their way up the leader board.


Joseph is the Director of Business Development at Spongelab Interactive, an education technology company. He previously worked at the MaRS Discovery District as a Senior Strategist in the Education Practice, a cluster of over 200 education startups. He helped develop the Entrepreneur’s Toolkit Workshop Series and the Future Leaders program for youth at MaRS, and consults on a wide range of educational programming. He has written on topics of science, innovation and education for NOW Magazine, the Globe and Mail, Financial Post and Yonge Street. He has edited two books and written academic papers in astronomy, education, entrepreneurship and innovation strategies. He taught high school level physics, math and credit recovery for 5 years, and was nominated for the Premier’s Award for Teaching Excellence in 2009. He won the T. Eta Award of Excellence in 2002 for his work teaching with University of Toronto’s Science Outreach and has worked in exhibit and curriculum design for the Ontario Science Centre, The Royal Ontario Museum and the American Museum of Natural History.

Extended Abstract

E-learning has long been considered the boring way to teach.  But what if we were to integrate a blended, gamified solution to help increase engagement and compliance?  Attendees in this session will be challenged to play along in a series of games, interactives and quizzes throughout the talk.

Each component will be scored and tracked through Spongelab Interactive’s STITCH platform.  As the talk proceeds, points will be awarded to participants who participate and correctly complete the various tasks.  The STITCH platform will pull data about how each attendee uses the various assets.  From time of use on each asset to accuracy.  Correct answers will push session attendees up the leader boards.

Participants will be able to interact both verbally with the speaker as well as directly through the platform to ask questions, make notes, or other comments.

This gamified approach is meant to be more fun, and allow for organic learning, pushing learners to react accordingly as new variables are thrown at them.

The talk will walk you through the history of e-learning, game based learning, and Gamification.  From its earliest models, to more modern, innovative ways to approach education in schools and universities as well as training and development in the corporate world.

Attendees will be asked to bring their own laptop, or tablet, and register a free STITCH account on Spongelab.com in order to fully participate.