Making a Murderous Faculty Development Program

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Brief Abstract

 "Online courses are where marginal teachers meet marginal students for marginal results,” suggested one faculty leader in a recent survey. Online classes demand more time of faculty, according to recent research, but the professional development programs that support them are often ineffective and sparsely attended. This session will explore some of the institutional strategies that “kill” professional development programs for online teaching and consider effective strategies for building more motivating online development programs.


Michael Meloy is Coordinator of Part Time faculty at Madison College. He also facilitates certification and training courses, including training faculty to teach online and hybrid courses, at Madison College’s Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. Mike has a Ph.D. in English from the University of South Carolina and has been teaching English courses, writing and literature, since 2001.

Extended Abstract

This workshop will present the results of a survey of faculty observations of online professional development programs. How effective do they think these training programs are? What motivates their interest and participation? What they look for in online professional development? In addition, to what extent they actually utilize best practices, strategies, and concepts from the online professional development programs they participate in. We’ll examine some of the answers that were provided to these questions, and, through a series of active learning activities, participants will use the survey data as a jumping off point for identifying the common barriers and challenges facing the design and implementation of professional development training for online teachers. In addition to these questions, this ongoing project seeks to:

  • Identify some of the key challenges facing professional development programs for online faculty
  • Understand some of the factors influencing faculty engagement and participation in those programs
  • Consider what elements of successful online professional development programs “move the meter” of faculty participation and engagement
  • Determine strategies for implementing successful online professional development programs

Target audience:

Administrators and other professionals who create and implement online professional development programs, curriculum designers, trainers and facilitators of online professional development courses and programs, online faculty.