Videos, Captioning, & Data... Oh My!

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Brief Abstract

Southeast Tech has implemented a process to update and develop better engaging video for students over the last 2.5 years. This process included using TechSmith Relay to have quality captioning of all videos. This session will cover what has worked, what hasn't, and what are changes for the future. 


David Kampmann has been leading pedagogical and technological development in online learning at Southeast Technical Institute over the last 7 years. Teaching online courses in computer applications and social media.

Extended Abstract

Southeast Tech has between 15-20% of the credits taken through online courses. Despite using a video hosting system, it was determined that there was a large amount of room for improvement with the development and delivery of video content. What Southeast Tech did was to switch to a new video hosting system, TechSmith Relay. Relay had many advantages and features that would be benefitial for our students and faculty. Including the built in caption-generator tool to provide assistance for our faculty with creating their own captions for videos.

Changing the quality of the video content and adding captioning to all videos is a large undertaking. And it really is like traveling down the yellow brick road with dangers and obstacles at every turn. This workshop will cover our path, both with sucesses and failures, to help light the way for other institutions to find better travel.

The first year's focus was on transition from our old system to TechSmith Relay. Training and bringing over the already created video content was extensive. The second year the focus switched to improving the caption creation process with technology and with best practices for making videos. The the time spent during this period was on many workshops and trainings, along with extended and detailed support. The third year has had a combination of evaluation of where we are at and what is working & not working, and continued workshops on improving the quality of the videos created.

We have found that because of the varied abilities of the faculty and low numbers of support staff, the rollout of captioning training has created a gap between those using captioning well and those that are struggling. As a result, Southeast Tech is looking at ways to better provide support and training development for all faculty. With this session we will share a detailed look at where we have learned and what steps we are going to be taking to reach our goals.