Cross-University Choose Your Own Interprofessional Encounter

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Brief Abstract

How can we create a culture of interprofessional practice involving relevant education for twelve different health professions that leads to improved quality of health care and patient safety? We need a relevant and engaging experience. We propose an interprofessional student conference that asks students to choose their learning encounters throughout the day.

Extended Abstract

Just like a conference sponsored by an organization, the Choose Your Own Interprofessional Encounter Day would secure rooms and provide a variety of interprofessional experiences for students throughout the day. Using a customized app, the students could register for sessions, offer to lead a session, rate and review their experiences, and connect with others across the institutions. The sessions include demonstrating the value of learning from, with, and about professions other than one's own. Sessions would vary from lecture to interactive simulations, panels, roundtable discussions, a keynote speaker, and networking social opportunities. Using design thinking, we would like to create innovative opportunities for participation from students, faculty, and others in a way that can appeal to such a disparate audience within healthcare. Our app would include symbols to convey to students the key elements within each session, such as fields involved and topics, such as a pediatric focus. Currently, we design one learning encounter for all, and 1-2 professions lose interest because they do not feel as represented. We also struggle with scalability in the one size fits all model. The IPE groups include a wide range of ages, degree or certification status, experience, and readiness. This way, we could label sessions as introductory, intermediate, and advanced in order to be applicable to all students. 

Our team consists of the University Department of Interprofessional Education Practice and Center for Innovative Learning. Together, we hope to create an engaging experience for all of our stakeholders.