Twitter - The Absolute Best Professional Development Tool!

Concurrent Session 6

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Brief Abstract

Twitter is NOT what Ashton Kutcher had for breakfast! Participants will look at what Twitter has to offer educators as a search, collaboration, networking, sharing, and classroom tool to create Professional Learning Networks and learn from other educators from across the world! Come learn how to customize your professional development!


I have been a high school Math and Computer Applications teacher for the last 30 years and online Continuing Education Instructor for Fresno Pacific University for the past 5 years. I teach 4 courses that I wrote: Cloud Computing for Educators, Twitter as a Professional Development Tool, The Flipped Classroom, and Creating a Classroom Website. This past June I took on a new passion: I am now the Instructional Designer/Activities Coordinator at Fresno City College where I strive to serve our faculty and staff in making their courses the best that they can be to serve our students. I am also the creator of Alge-Bingo, an iPhone/iPad/Android app, that won a National STEM Challenge Award in 2012.

Extended Abstract

Participants will look at what Twitter has to offer educators by means of a search tool, a collaborative tool, a networking tool, a sharing tool, and a classroom tool.

The session will start out with a look at how to search for specific topics within Twitter to see what is being discussed out there in the ‘twitterverse’. We will then discuss how to find other educators on Twitter and see what they are talking about with the goal of finding some like-minded fellow educators either in the same subject area or interest area to begin following and creating discussions with. As a group we will look at the process of being involved in a chat on Twitter, more specifically an educational chat such as an ‘#edchat’. But we will look at sources for many other educational chats that happen each week. We will also see how to use Twitter as a social media tool to market and promote your campus and program activities.

We will also look at some possibilities of using Twitter within the classroom from having in-class discussions to interacting with people from all over the world. This will also include how Twitter can be considered as part of the new literacy within the classroom. Finally, we will discuss how to create a professional learning network of other educators and experts where we can each participate in life-long learning

  1. Learn how to create  a Twitter account using an appropriate user name and follow the presenter on Twitter. 
  2. See how to Research and find specific educators and experts in specific fields to follow. 
  3. Discover some of the pedagogy behind the use of Twitter as a Professional Development and Professional Learning Network tool. 
  4. See how to Participate in an edchat on Twitter. 
  5. Discover how to share photos, videos and other files through Twitter. 
  6. Discover uses for and activities to use Twitter within your class of students. 
  7. See how Twitter can be considered part of the new literacy within the classroom. 
  8. Start to develop a Professional Learning Network on Twitter. 

Participants will walk away with a strong desire to create a Twitter account and begin using it to connect with other educators to hone their craft within their classroom.