Our Journey to Reinvent Our Course Development Process

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Brief Abstract

The audience will learn what it takes to implement course development process improvement. We will share strategies and best practices to overcome barriers to our reinvention. We will showcase various technologies that we have utilized on this journey. A goody bag of relevant resources will be available to the audience!


She leads a very talented and creative team of Instructional Designers. She brings over 10 years of experience in developing curriculum and instruction for Higher Ed and corporate environment (e.g. DeVry Online Services, DeVry University, Accenture and Northern Illinois University). Himani believes learning is a lifelong process. She holds Master degree in Instructional Technology and Bachelor degree in Information Technology. She has presented at number of National and International level conferences such as Online Learning Consortium, Quality Matters, Pearson CITE etc. She holds several certifications in variety of areas such as Peer Reviewer through QM, online teaching mastery from OLC, Six Sigma Yellow Belt through DeVry Education Group etc. She always remains focused on emerging technologies, innovative learning solutions and best practices in the field of teaching and learning. She has experience designing and developing variety of online and blended courses for various DeVry institutes. She has developed variety of instructional material for faculty and SME training, quick start guides, job aids, videos etc. In her role as a Manager, she is overseeing Instructional Design, Copy Editing and Course Production teams. Along with that, she is managing a number of projects simultaneously. She is serving as a client liaison for various academic partners. She has taught online and face to face courses for undergrad programs in several countries. She is always eager to help her team, academic partners and students to become successful in their career and professional goals!
I'm Matt Russo. I'm a Data Analyst for the Course Development, Innovation, and Academic Technology group of DeVry Education Group. I've been working at DeVry for the Past 6 years. I live and work in the Chicagoland area.

Extended Abstract

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the value and importance of continuous change
  • Describe strategies to plan a process improvement initiative
  • Discuss resources, tools, and technologies that could be relevant and reusable
  • Share best practices and challenges involved in our journey

Importance of Reinvention

“Your job as you know it and your business as it is currently run will eventually change. The only chance any of us have for prosperity is to constantly reimagine, rethink, and reinvent everything we do and how we do it in order to remain relevant. We must all become reinventors, and we’d better do it quickly.” (Jason Jennings, a researcher and the bestselling author of The Reinventors)

We will begin with identifying the importance and necessity of constant radical change in your processes, tools, and techniques. It is also very important that any reinvention or change should begin with careful thinking and a defined goal in mind. We will present our goals and the methodology that we have established as our first step in the process reinvention journey.

Our Implementation Plan

We discovered some pain points in our current course development process that were opportunities for us to reinvent. A few of them are listed as follows.

  • Our one-size-fits-all process wasn’t working to meet various needs from our clients.
  • Our tracking and reporting techniques were not very transparent and cutting edge.
  • Our course development tools were lacking robust collaborations between all the team members.
  • We had multiple systems that everyone was using to meet various needs, such as time tracking, project management of course development, workflow management, progress reporting, and resource management for various projects and courses.

As a result, we began this initiative with the purpose of redesigning our course development process to ensure efficient and timely completion through a more fluid, responsive process. We will describe an implementation plan and identify best practices and challenges involved in implementing our process improvement initiative.

Our Reinventions

After a thorough evaluation of our current systems and processes, we determined two primary paths to focus our reinvention.

  1. To reinvent the course development process itself
  2. To reinvent our toolset

The presentation will showcase resources (i.e., templates, survey questionnaires, evaluation criteria, etc.) that our team developed to equip us throughout the journey. We will also demonstrate our existing technologies that we made some significant improvements to as well as some new tools that we explored and implemented as a result. Reflections from various colleagues who got involved in this initiative as well as our findings along with real data will be shared during the presentation. There will be a virtual goody bag for all participants to view following the presentation.