Big data is upon us: How can you use it to enrich your teaching?

Concurrent Session 2

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Brief Abstract

Edtech tools give us access to vast amounts of learning data but instructors hardly have the time to explore the full potential of these data reports. In this session, learn from Drew Russell (Instructional Lab Assistant, GSU) how to use data in your teaching and reach higher levels of student success, engagement and retention.


At CogBooks we’re committed to transforming the way teachers teach and students learn, by applying science-based methods to education. Through our unique advanced adaptive learning technologies, we’re changing the way secondary and further education students learn We believe our technology will define the next generation of education, empowering teachers and institutions like never before.

Extended Abstract

CogBooks' adaptive learning platform provides instructors and administrators with very granular insight into their students' learning. The dashboards and reports are designed to provide stakeholders with detailed information to support instructional and strategic decision making. The data can also be used for research around learning and teaching.

What types of reports can you expect?

  • Module reports show students' progress in the course in terms of module completion rates.
  • Progress reports show students' progress in terms of performance in every single learning activity. In addition, the instructor can review the specific path that a student followed and view the deviations or issues that they encountered along the way.
  • Assessment reports allow in-depth analysis of each student and assessment items enabling instructors to see the students’ performance on assessments, details on how they achieved that and a cumulative view of the population’s response to assessments.
  • Outcome reports show students' performance, engagement or confidence correlated with outcomes of the course.
  • Engagement reports capture learners’ engagement with the course content.

These and many other possible reports help stakeholders identify students who need support, outcomes/learning activities/assessments students have most problems with or content that needs to be improved.

In this session, we will demonstrate these various reports and discuss the data they're based on. For the main part, Drew Russell from Georgia State University will describe how she has used the data available in CogBooks in teaching and research. The last 10-15 minutes will be spent on Q&A to allow the audience to feedback on what they saw and ask questions.