Building Connections with Online Students Through Social Media & Live Video

Concurrent Session 4

Brief Abstract

Incorporating social media and live video into online courses can provide a level of connection between students and faculty that is usually only exists for in-person courses. See how you can bring social media & live video into any online course successfully.


David Kampmann has been leading pedagogical and technological development in online learning at Southeast Technical Institute over the last 7 years. Teaching online courses in computer applications and social media.

Extended Abstract

Success for students has a direct correlation with how connected they feel with their institution and their courses. Online courses naturally have a more difficult time helping students form that connection. However, social media can be a solution to this problem. Social media creates an open area of conversation and sharing that students and faculty can both be comfortable in.

With the growth of live video, online courses, whether asynchronous or synchronous, students can connect and share at a new level. Faculty can share experiences on campus, with experts, and at different locations with students that normally would not have an opportunity. While there have been web conferencing softwares available for years, live video is all about mobile first. It provides countless new options to share experiences with students. Also possible now is for students to share their own learning experiences with live video.

This session will share how any instructor can incorporate the use of social media into their online courses to build a new level of connection with their students.