Possibilities and Problems with Alternative LMS's like Slack in Online Education

Concurrent Session 8
Community College

Brief Abstract

Let's discuss the possibilities and problems with instructor's going rogue and using alternative LMS's like Slack in online education.


David Kampmann has been leading pedagogical and technological development in online learning at Southeast Technical Institute over the last 7 years. Teaching online courses in computer applications and social media.

Extended Abstract

Instructors are starting to go rogue and use a new style of LMS, one built more for teams and collaboration rather than for restriction and grading. One of the more popular options is Slack, which was built for small to medium sized businesses, which has gained wide acceptance even in higher education with departments using it as a primary form of communication and collaboration.

In this session we will be discussing the benefits of using these alternative styled LMS's for online courses, barriers to use and integration, and future developments of these alternative LMS's, and the impact of these alternative LMS's on the future of traditional LMS's. 

Instructors that have used any alternative LMS's are encouraged to share their experiences and lessons learned.