Re-thinking the Design of Courses to Maximize Faculty to Student Meaningful Interactions and Quality/Timely Feedback

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Brief Abstract

***Andrew is 1 of 5 presenters in this opening Welcome Lunch/Lightning Talks general session***

Bridgepoint Education has developed over 1,200 high quality online courses through a centralized model of delivery. With over 45,000 students and programs ranging from AA to doctorate, we serve largely adult working population at scale. Over the last year, a task force of stakeholders from academic, instructional design, and product leadership were challenged with creating a new model of learning that could be tested with the ultimate purpose of increasing faculty-student feedback & student engagement. In this session, you will see what they cooked up.


Dr. Andrew Shean, Chief Academic Learning Officer, Bridgepoint Education. Dr. Shean, previously the Vice Provost of Provost of Curriculum and Innovation at Ashford University, now leads the centralization of resources across all Bridgepoint universities to drive greater productivity related to learning resources in order to better position and deliver even HIGHER quality education through consistency of best practices in instructional design, innovative use of educational technology, and successful student outcomes.

Extended Abstract