How Will Future Trends Influence the Way We Learn and Work? Prepare to Think Differently

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Brief Abstract

Generalist vs Specialists, The Hybrid Job Market, The Gig Economy, The Distributed Workforce, Automation and Machine Learning – these are just some of the trends affecting the future of work. Those who succeed will be self-motivated, continuous learners, constantly building skills not resumes. Individuals will need to be lifelong learners who will work longer in life and engage in more careers. Digital, social and technology skills are already required in many jobs and are less the purview of experts. How will we prepare students and ourselves to think differently, and build a diverse network for creativity, collaboration and innovation?


Angela Dunn is a writer, researcher, and forecaster on future trends related to technology. She writes about the future and innovation. Her research provides business intelligence for executives in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries on the implications of technological change. She has curated many social communities, and is the founder of #ideachat on Twitter. For four years, #ideachat engaged global thought leaders across many industries, including education, on the topics of innovation and creativity. She aims to help others to think differently, learn how to 'connect the dots', and create serendipity for their personal and professional lives.