Innovating for the Future: Connecting Trends Across Industries

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Brief Abstract

***Angela is 1 of 5 presenters in this opening Welcome Lunch/Lightning Talks general session***

This presentation will be a dynamic, fast-paced overview of future trends and how technology is exponentially driving innovation. Its purpose is to look into the future and inspire attendees with many possibilities from various industries. What will life, learning and work be like in a world when machines think and augment our capabilities?


Angela Dunn is a writer, researcher, and forecaster on future trends related to technology. She writes about the future and innovation. Her research provides business intelligence for executives in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries on the implications of technological change. She has curated many social communities, and is the founder of #ideachat on Twitter. For four years, #ideachat engaged global thought leaders across many industries, including education, on the topics of innovation and creativity. She aims to help others to think differently, learn how to 'connect the dots', and create serendipity for their personal and professional lives.

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