Humanizing the Online Environment

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Brief Abstract

Text based discussion boards alone can't deliver the subtlety and expression needed for meaningful connection. Voices and faces, along with interactive experience is proven to triple the memory retention rate of your audience. VoiceThread provides a variety of options to transform the traditional online offerings.


Lisa has been in Higher Ed Administration for over 20 years. In the classroom as both instructor and trainer, Lisa's focus is on engagement, retention and communication; all are keys to achieving academic success.

Extended Abstract

Online education offers many attractive benefits to prospective and current students. The reality is the online communication vehicle is heavily text based in the form of discussion boards and other text centered, one-way communications. These methods can present pitfalls in the form of miscommunication, misaligned perceptions, and differences in understanding or reference points which can affect student engagement and learning outcomes. VoiceThread brings voices, inflection, facial expressions and body language into the conversations, humanizing the experience while still meeting the asynchronous needs of the classroom. This presentation provides examples of ways the traditional text based online content and assignments can be transformed with VoiceThread.