Breaking Down Barriers: Making Education More Accessible, Affordable, and Engaging

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Brief Abstract

Simply digitizing content fails both instructors and students. Explore how NextGen Learning and OER are positively impacting student engagement, outcomes, costs, retention and workforce preparedness.


Odigia Founder and CEO Joshua Moe brings over 16 years of experience leading technology design and development teams for small, medium & large organizations. After several years of working in Boston’s higher-ed IT space, his passion for education technology helped him to identify opportunities to improve learning through technology with user-centric design principles; the Odigia platform is the result. Josh’s natural energy and vision, coupled with a deep knowledge of the edTech industry, makes him an in-demand and frequent speaker at regional and national conferences. He is a member of the Triad Growth Partners, YEC and the FounderSociety.

Extended Abstract

Education can be more accessible, affordable, and engaging. When we examine how we think about education, it becomes easy to break down the barriers of one-size-fits-all education. Come learn how NextGen learning and high-quality OER improves student engagement and outcomes at a significant savings.