Don't go to the Dark Side--Integrating Quality into Your Course Design

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Brief Abstract

Whether you are building the Death Star or an online course, incorporating quality standards throughout the process is key to a successful outcome.


Dr. Nicole Runyon has been teaching online since 1998. She has served in many other virtual capacities including quality specialist, faculty mentor, course lead, course developer, program counsel, and subject matter expert. She is the Development Services Director and Quality Specialist at The Babb Group. Outside of the classroom, she has worked onboard Great Lakes freighters as a Deck Officer, as a Human Resources Director for a startup dot com in the '90s, and as a Human Resources and Branch Operations Director for a horticultural distributor. She teaches from Northern Michigan where she lives with her husband, five-year-old triplets, and 2 west highland terriers.

Extended Abstract

If your name is Darth Vader and you built the Death Star, you're probably kicking yourself for not incorporating quality standards into the Death Star plans. If you are an instructional designer, subject matter expert, or course developer, you would also benefit from weaving quality standards throughout the process of course development. By doing so, you'll ensure the best possible deliverable for learners, instructors, and administration (and you'll also likely avoid implosion.) In this seminar, we'll discuss best practices in aligning objectives with assessments, materials, and moon-sized battle stations.