The Art and Science of Online Course Design

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Brief Abstract

An overview of how robust online course design incorporates both the inspiration-fueled art of teaching and the data-driven perspective of learning science.


David Lindrum is the founder of Soomo Learning, home to a merry band of innovative curriculum developers who collaborate with college educators to improve course outcomes. David has worked with instructional designers and faculty at hundreds of schools to develop and evaluate countless pedagogical strategies. Today he designs courses, mentors course designers, and asks everyone who will listen, “how will this help students and how will you know?” David is always open for recommendations on a good place to find breakfast.

Extended Abstract

Soomo Learning works with online programs in a wide-variety of general education courses. Over the past twelve years we’ve learned much about the value of both art and science in designing, building, and iteratively improving courses. This presentation will explain how we work with schools to combine the best of each of these perspectives in our collaborations. Showing successful courses, and the choices that helped them to become more successful, will clearly demonstrate the ways in which Soomo helps schools steadily improve their measures of student success.