From Front Page to Final Assessment: Building a Better Learner Experience with Persuasive Design Strategy

Concurrent Session 8

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Brief Abstract

Can elements of UX design influence the learner experience? Learn about the 7 key techniques for persuasive design strategy to build a better learner experience.


Dr. Page Chen is President and Chief Innovation Office for Remote-Learner. Which she considers the best job in the world, getting to partner with clients to innovate, design, and implement out of the box learning solutions. For the last decade she has focused on combining UX design, social psychology, and digital marketing techniques with established pedagogical elements to examine how they can strategically be integrated into digital learning environments to positively impact learner mastery. Her research lead to the development of persuasive design strategies that produce transformational impacts on the learner experience that reaches beyond good courses and into designing engaging and fully integrated learning experience environments. She is a sought after international speaker, writer, and consultant on learning experience design . Having worked with Fortune 500 companies, global non-for-profits, and hundreds of community colleges and universities all seeking to "Unlock the potential of technology to improve lives through learning."

Extended Abstract

Implementing popular instruction design processes like gamification produces inconsistent performance results because technical functionality alone is not enough to effectively influence and guide learner behavior. Persuasive design strategy looks to pair UX and behavioral design principles with technical functionality to create a more effective learner experience. See real-world examples of persuasive design strategies applied to online learning environments. You will learn about 7 key persuasive design techniques, and how your training and development teams can adapt existing elearning technology with proven behavioral design principles to create a better learner experience.