Themes & Trends in Digital Courseware - OLC’s 2017 DLIAward Submission

Concurrent Session 3
OLC Session

Brief Abstract

  • Learn the submission requirements and scoring rubric for the 2017 Digital Learning Innovation Award
  • Identify themes illustrating barriers faced by underrepresented students across institution types
  • Identify trends in current digital courseware implementations

Extended Abstract

Nori Barajas, OLC’s Director of Grant Projects, will share themes from courseware implementations and effective practices that increase the success rates of underrepresented students, especially in foundation or gateway courses using digital courseware solutions.

The Online Learning Consortium (OLC) analysis of Digital Learning Innovation Awards (DLIAward) submissions captures the current state of digital courseware implementations across undergraduate institutions of higher education and was instrumental in the development of the 2017 DLIAward submission requirements.

The awards are accompanied by meaningful monetary rewards: $100,000 for up to three institutions per year and $10,000 for up to 10 faculty-led teams per year, signifying the extraordinary level of advancement and impact on the adoption of digital courseware that is being recognized.