The Easiest Way To Help More Students Complete Courses

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Brief Abstract

With just over half of students who start college finishing, it’s time to take a new approach. In this session, learn about how data-driven instructional design can be your secret ingredient in the student success sauce.


Eric is passionate about finding ways to pair great teachers and smart technology to help every student realize their fullest potential. He has worked in executive roles at Cengage and Pearson and was co-founder and President of Flat World Knowledge, the world’s first commercial higher education open textbook publishing company. Flat World Knowledge raised over $30 million in venture capital and has over 3,000 faculty and 500,000 student users. Eric is a frequent speaker on innovation in education, and his work to make education more accessible and affordable while maintaining quality has been widely covered in media outlets including the New York Times, Wired, US News & World Report, Fast Company, NPR, Time, and others. Eric is an advisor to the non-profit Center for Education Technology in Tel-Aviv.
Michael is the interim Dean of Instructional Technology & Support at Rio Salado College in Tempe, Arizona. He oversees the Instructional Design, Instructional Media, Course Production, and Course Support departments. Michael has been at Rio since 2007 as an instructional designer, director, and more recently as the Associate Dean. He has served as a subject matter expert for eLearning Design and English Courses. He is the Principal Investigator of Rio’s First In The World Grant, a research grant that includes designing adaptive courses and providing student coaching support for new students pursing a degree or intending to transfer to a university.

Extended Abstract

The race is on to help more students persist and complete courses on their way to a degree. With just 25 courses enrolling on average more than 38% of all students on a typical campus the challenge shouldn’t be that hard, right?

In this session, we’ll show you how to re design general education, “gateway” courses using Acrobatiq Smart Author. Developed from learning science research, Smart Author makes it easy for educators and instructional design teams to collaboratively design and deliver high impact learning experiences that adapt to the needs of each learner, based on his or her individual progress and performance. See how learning data from students’ formative activities are visually displayed on The Learning Dashboard, making it easy to track student progress, quickly identify at-risk students, and provide timely and targeted learning interventions that help students reach their best possible learning outcomes.

See how learning design and data can be your two biggest tools to help students successfully complete more courses on the way to a degree.