Solution Design Summit - Team Advisory Session

Workshop Session 2

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Brief Abstract

Solution Design Summit (SDS) groups will meet with the SDS leaders and advisors to work on solutions to their proposed problems.


I am an Instructional Designer and Designer thinker who is passionate about the potential of technology to increase global access to STEM education and enable all students to have a globally networked learning experience. I've been designing, developing and teaching online and blended courses since 2001. At Cornell University I'm responsible for coordinating work with internal and external units including University Library, Center for Teaching Excellence, faculty and other Academic Technologies team members in the design, development, project management and support of open and traditional online courses and other digital learning projects. My work supports the expansion of online learning and related support for faculty such as: providing guidance to faculty in the most effective ways to design online and blended courses and working with faculty to consider the pedagogical intent when exploring the use of technology in their courses. My PhD research focused on women, mathematics and self-efficacy. The title of my dissertation was 'Five Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Majors: A Portraiture of their Lived Experiences'