Leveraging Instructional Technology to Enhance Learning in a Multi (- generational, -lingual, -stratus, -experience) Classroom

Concurrent Session 9

Brief Abstract

Instructional technology is a great resource but it is not the “catch-all” solution for enhanced classroom engagement.  How do you effectively utilize it in a classroom where we have a fabulous combination of “sit-and-get”, “engage or enrage”, “keep in moving”, or “spray and pray” students?  How do we effectively facilitate and guide our students to mastery while incorporating the correct and balance of analog and digital pedagogical practices? 


Frances Villagran-Glover has over 25 years in higher education and is the Dean for Learning and Technology Resources and Interim Director for the Center of Excellence in Teaching and Learning for Northern Virginia Community College. Frances enjoys collaborating with faculty and students in transforming the student engagement experience and reimagining the possibilities of academic support via technology. Frances and her USMC husband of thirty years live in Woodbridge, Virginia. They are proud parents of seven children, aka the A-Team.